Who is Making Decisions About Your Health Care?

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Who is Making Decisions About Your Health Care?

Have you ever gone to the pharmacy and been told they can’t give you the medicine your doctor prescribed?  This can happen for a few reasons. You may not even realize health care decisions are being made on your behalf— by your insurance company.

Even though insurers are not involved in your direct care or privy to why your doctor prescribed one medicine over another, many try to limit the use of certain prescriptions to control health care costs and steer patients to medicines insurers prefer. Sometimes, this can mean unnecessary barriers between you and the medicine you need. Here are some terms you should know when visiting your health care provider, filling a prescription – and even when you select your insurance plan.

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Know Your Rights

State and federal law protects your rights. When you sign up for a health plan and/or if you have problems accessing care through your health plan, it is important to know your rights.