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Susan V. (California)

“I was denied Harvoni, the medicine I need to treat my chronic condition, Hepatitis C. Apparently I am not sick enough. I filed a grievance with Anthem sending them all documentation for test results and procedures I have had. They said within 30 days I would have their decision. It’s way past that and still I have heard nothing.

On top of this chronic condition I also have Oral Lichen Planus, which is associated with Hepatitis C and causes me to have constant, painful mouth sores. If the sores don’t go away they could lead to oral cancer. I also have other medical conditions related to this virus, including Portal Hypertension, Esophageal Varices and I am constantly tired because the virus saps my energy. If I could be treated for the Hepatitis C, all of my other health issues would certainly improve. I am not sick enough? I disagree.”

UPDATE: Susan filed a complaint with her health plan and the Department of Managed Health Care and the Independent Medical Board overturned Anthem’s denial. Susan is now receiving Harvoni for Hepatitis C.

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