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Helping you get the care you need and deserve

Navigating a complex health care system can be incredibly frustrating, especially when an insurance company denies or delays necessary care. When faced with a denial, many patients feel powerless and confused about what to do next. Even if they know they can file a grievance or appeal against their insurance company, the process can be tumultuous.

That’s where My Patient Rights steps in. My Patient Rights is a one-stop-shop for patients to learn how to file a complaint with their insurance companies and/or state agencies. Patients can also share their stories to raise awareness of the challenges faced by insurers when accessing care.

That’s exactly what cancer patient, Eve Bukowski did. My Patient Rights worked with Eve and other patients to explain the issue at hand and how patients can take action.

Liz Helms, co-founder of My Patient Rights, stresses the need for patients to understand their rights, know where to go for help, and know how to get help.

Every patient deserves access to the affordable and quality care they need, and the data speaks for it: in California, over 60 percent of claims filed resulted in the California Department of Managed Healthcare overturning in favor of the patient.

If you or your loved ones are experiencing denials or other obstacles to your care, My Patient Rights is the go-to resource. Watch the video today and get started on your path to obtaining the care you need and deserve.

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My Patient Rights can help guide you in resolving issues so you can get the health care you deserve.


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Know Your Rights

State and federal law protects your rights. When you sign up for a health plan and/or if you have problems accessing care through your health plan, it is important to know your rights.