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State and federal laws protect your rights. When you sign up for a health plan and/or if you have problems getting care through your health plan, it is important to know your rights.

Below are some basic health care rights. To find out more about the specific rights in your state, and how you can file a complaint, visit the state resource page.

Health Plan Coverage Information

You have a right to understand what health services your health plan covers and what it does not. Contact your health plan’s member services department to get information about what your plan does and does not include.

Access to Medical Records

You have a right to see and review all of your health care records. Your provider may charge a fee for copies of your records.


Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) you have the right to keep your health care information and records private.

Health Plan Complaints

You have a right to know how your health plan handles complaints. Contact your health plan’s member services department to find out how to file a complaint about your health coverage.

If your issue is not resolved through your health plan’s complaint process, you can file a complaint through the agency in your state that oversees health plans.

Timely Complaint Resolution

State and federal laws require health plans to follow certain timelines when processing and responding to health care complaints. Check your health plan coverage information and/or contact your state regulatory agency to learn about these timelines.

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