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How Much Do Health Disparities Actually Cost? — Analysis estimates disparities could cost U.S. healthcare system $1 trillion in 2040

MedPage Today June 23, 2022 By Sophie Putka, Enterprise & Investigative Writer Health inequities in the U.S. currently cost $320 billion annually and could balloon to $1 trillion by 2040,…

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Congress Can Make Progress Against Cancer with Rare Bipartisan Bill

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. We know that detecting cancer early can result in better health outcomes for patients with cancer. In fact,…

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Lawmaker Takes on Insurance Companies and Gets Personal About His Health

Kaiser Health News By: Samantha Young June 9, 2022 SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Scott Wiener made a startling revelation at a spring legislative committee hearing: “I was in the hospital. I…

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