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Have you had issues with your health plan? You have the right to file a complaint. Follow these steps to file a complaint in your state.

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Five Core Principles to Empower Our Patients

MedPage Today By Bree Gorman, MPH May 20, 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic was a double-edged sword for patient engagement. For some, the inability to access traditional, brick-and-mortar healthcare opened their…

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How to Advocate for Yourself at the Doctor’s Office

The Waiting Game The average doctor’s visit is about 15 minutes. You don’t go everyday so make the most of your 15 minutes! Your appointment is YOUR time to get…

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Insurance providers should not be playing doctor

By Barbara Giesser, Special to CalMatters June 28, 2021 Illustration via iStock As a neurologist, I see patients with chronic medical conditions. While these diseases are not curable, they are…

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